As Shopify’s only 360° partner with themes, apps, and custom solutions, we draw on our deep platform knowledge and ecommerce expertise to unearth hidden opportunities, test new approaches, and grow your business through iteration and optimization.

Design optimization

Create a better shopping experience with improved UX, navigation, product organization, art direction, image optimization, and storefront design.

Analytics and insights

Dig deep into analytics and use page insights to optimize your store for speed, customer behaviour, location, currency, device usage, browsers, and more.

Growth planning

Create a road map for your store with all the items necessary to grow your business, and sleep easier knowing your priorities are in order.

Functional improvements

Add custom features, functionality, and other technical solutions to enhance the performance of your storefront as well as your Shopify admin behind the scenes.

Marketing strategy

Reach new customers and increase the value of current ones. We help you conceptualize, plan, and execute successful marketing campaigns.

A/B testing

Constantly improve and optimize your online store’s performance with rigorous experimentation, results tracking, and strategic iteration.

Take your store to the next level.