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A completely redesigned product for enterprise-scale data migration.

Content Strategy, Design System, Development
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8 months

Enterprise data migration is complicated

SkySync is a platform that powers enterprise-scale content migration and orchestration. Imagine millions of files across user accounts and disparate technologies working together in harmony. It’s an impressive and crucial tool for those familiar with it—but, like a lot of enterprise software, it had a steep learning curve and wasn’t exactly a jewel of user experience.

We dove headfirst into the world of data migration, identifying vocabularies, use cases, and opportunities to provide users with unprecedented insight into their organization’s data. We worked with SkySync’s development team to redesign the tool’s interface from top to bottom. This overhaul impacted every point of the user journey and set in motion new processes for the SkySync team that included design thinking and user experience planning.

Mosaic of screenshots from the SkySync product

Delivering a design system

Just as important as redesigning the product was enabling SkySync to execute on new features and designs after our engagement was finished. Together we identified common interface elements, interactions, and utilities that would seed their first design system. We delivered custom React components and a design toolkit, allowing their developers to work much more quickly and deliver a consistent user experience in every corner of the product.

With our history as a platform partner, we’ve always championed design systems. In the case of SkySync, the complexity of the product makes it even more important. Reducing the cognitive load for their user through consistent messaging and thoughtful interactions means they can focus on what matters: the flow and security of their organization’s data.

SkySync design system
SkySync desktop app screenshots

Creating a path for growth

We’re proud of the work we did with SkySync. We believe strongly in the product and the team who builds it, and we were able to explore how their brand had evolved through this redesign. We applied the design system, an updated visual identity, and an illustrative style to their marketing site.

SkySync home page screenshot on mobile

Redesigning their marketing site meant uncovering SkySync’s brand story and communicating the features, use cases, and raw power of their product to decision-makers at these enterprise-level companies, and the system admins who would inevitably be the keepers of its implementation.

SkySync marketing site mockups
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